At the rate at which people are breaking each other’s trust lately, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number of people with trust issues. I, myself suffer from this. I’ve had my trust broken enough number of times that now I don’t find the need to trust anyone. And I think that this is karma coming and biting me in the ass for breaking someone’s trust too. But now, karma did its damage and it is time for me to fix myself. Yet, somehow every time I move towards trying to trust people and opening up, letting my wall down, I get hurt way too soon. There is one thing that I have definitely learnt from this and I hope that you guys can understand this, trust is hard and it is giving yourself up to someone completely, it is believing in them, but no matter how many times we get hurt we need to get right back in and open ourselves up and trust again. It is necessary for you to do that because if you don’t then you aren’t getting any closer to the people whom you can trust for the rest of your lives without your trust getting broken. We need to get back up and do it again every time we get hurt just so that we can move forward. This obviously isn’t easy, you are going to be consumed by the fear of getting hurt but you need to take control of your life and feelings and kick the fear to the side and do what you have to do. The first step is to trust yourself, this is where it all begins.


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