In today’s competitive rat race, failure is just not an option. The society makes you believe that if you fail once then you are done for good. It makes you feel like failing is something that will ruin you, if you fail once then you fail forever. The society doesn’t allow room for mistakes because the second you make a mistake they are on to focusing on the next best person and you are soon forgotten. The idea of forgiving, moving on and letting it go, almost seem like absurd ideas. But, I am here to tell you today that I failed. I failed miserably today and probably made a horrible first impression which will change my future, this I know for sure. Of course I felt terrible about it, for a while all I could think about was ‘why is it that nobody teaches you how to deal with this emotion that I am feeling right now.’ Luckily for me, I snapped right out of it and walked away with my head held high, everyone fails at some point or the other, we may not know it, we may have not seen it because people believe in hiding their failures, but everyone will have failed at some point or the other in life because if life were that easy and simple then it wont be worth it at all. So I quickly moved from that place and consoled myself by reminding myself that one failure doesn’t mean that you doubt your ability to do things, it doesn’t mean that you doubt your skills and knowledge and it definitely doesn’t mean that you doubt yourself. All it means is that you can improve, you need to get back up and fight and never give up. No success comes without failure, life isn’t that easy. Failure is a way of life giving you a reality check and letting you know that not everything is perfect and that is okay. It is okay to fail but it is not okay to fail and give up. You must never give up no matter what, because what may seem like a closed door right now it an open door that you just can’t see yet.


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