Enough is enough

The feeling that I get when I lose someone, a wave of emotions run over me and I instantly realize how much this person means to me and how I had been taking this person for granted. Now, I have lost this person because I forgot to cherish what I had. I am sure most of you know exactly what I am talking about and have felt this way before. But I don’t know what this feels like, because am the one who is always being taken for granted. I finally decided that enough was enough, taking others for granted is way too easy while taking the time out and appreciating them seems like an impossible task for most. We are too busy being engrossed in our own lives that we forget to look around and realize that these relationships are what make our lives. This is what my generation and I are walking towards, ungratefulness and selfishness. So, just remember to look around and be grateful for all the people in your life because tomorrow they might say enough is enough and walk away leaving you with that sick feeling.


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