I believe that we all lack to see things from different perspectives. We are too stubborn and adamant about sticking to our own opinions and views that we fail to understand things from another person’s shoes. I think this is why we lack compassion and sympathy too. We are too lost in making sure that we are happy, satisfied and our wants are met forgetting that there are many whose needs aren’t met.

I’m not talking about the difference in rich and poor or people from different backgrounds etc. I mean it from a relationship perspective too. Most of us forget to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes to understand where they are coming from, how they feel and why they act a certain way. We are too busy making sure that we are the ones that are satisfied even in a relationship and don’t find the need to see things from our partner’s perspective. But aren’t relationships all about keeping each other happy and not just ourselves.

Next time, before you walk away from anything, before you make any decision, before you say anything, make sure that you understand the whole situation from all perspectives.


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