Ego or fear?

What is stopping you from picking up your phone and calling that person? What is stopping you from telling that person how you feel? What is stopping you from texting that person first? What is stopping you from opening up to that person? Is it ego or is it fear?

I’ve read numerous quotes on how we should speak our heart out and let people know exactly how we feel cause life is too short and we shouldn’t live with any regrets. We all know that this is easier said than done. But why is it harder to do? Many say it’s because our ego gets in the way, we have too much ego to be the first one to say anything, we have too much ego to even be the first to start a conversation.

I think it’s fear that drives this ego. We fear the many possibilities and scare ourselves with the pain we might feel if any of these were to come true. We are too afraid to get hurt that we’d rather shut ourselves out than even try.

What if he doesn’t like me anymore? What if it was just one sided all along? What if it was all just a joke? What if he likes her? These are the kind of possibilities that we consider and drive ourselves crazy, to the point where we stop opening up. That can’t be healthy for anyone.

I think that if everyone is able to overcome this fear and kick their ego aside to be open and honest about exactly how they feel nobody would have to scare themselves with the negative possibilities. In a relationship both the people should be honest, transparents and direct, it saves all the misunderstandings, heartbreaks, lead ons and anything else. Clarity and openness leaves room for one to not dive in too deep before realizing that they had it all wrong. Ego or fear or both, just get past it and be clear, honest and open about how you feel.


3 thoughts on “Ego or fear?

  1. ajaykohli says:

    When we are  in relationship its natural to have argument , nothing wrong in that , its rather healthy , but then sometimes we stop communication ,we some times say its ego ,not exactly if its true relationship there has to be some valid reason for arguments ,there will be someone wrong ,so first of all acknowledge who is at fault ,if it happens 80% things solved ,apologise ,but in case its not the case and we are not able to find who is wrong still we are not at talking terms then best is introspection as one can judge himself best , I sometimes find its my self respect not ego which is not allowing me to initiate as in relationship ego has got no place but yes self respect is mandatory and it has to be there and I feel if relationship is true it will not take much time to realize that yes who was at fault and we will be back on talking terms .

    • Aroma says:

      Great words, gives a better understanding of the things. But, my post was more in reference to what happens before the relationship begins and the beginning stages of it.
      Thanks a lot!

      • ajaykohli says:

        Thanks ,its before or after relationship thing is we need not to be fearful , adamant ,egoistic, just see that every relationship becomes a happy memory and not regret

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