Fear Driven Generation

Being in the final year of college, the pressure of doing well in the rat race is more now than ever. It got me thinking about how, everyone around me (myself included) does everything out of fear. The future is scary rather than exciting. Something about this just seems very incorrect. Shouldn’t the future and the endless possibilities excite us? Shouldn’t the unknown be something we look forward to and not dread? The fear of being left behind in the rat race is what motivates us to study and work, the fear of not having money makes us work to get better jobs, the fear of being alone makes us believe that we love every second person that we meet. It’s become so bad, that our own thoughts are to be feared rather than enjoyed. This can’t be the right reason for doing the things that we do, we can’t be so fear driven that things don’t even excite us anymore and the only reason that we do what we do is fear. That makes life redundant and pointless.


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