Why can’t we just say it?

I find it amusing how we as humans find it impossible to express exactly how we’re feeling. In our normal moods we can’t tell people how we feel or what we think because we are scared of judgement, we are scared of what they will think and what will be the consequence of that. Imagine the number of relationships that could have been formed, mended and grown if people would just stop caring about being judged and if people were bold enough to just speak their heart out.

Now, you might say that you have said how you feel or what you think to the people around you. But how many of those things were said out of fear of regretting it, out of anger or out of sadness? We hardly ever say things at the moment we are feeling it. We take the time to think over it, evaluate the consequences and end up just not saying it.

I wonder if there will ever be a time when we can just say how we feel to anyone around us without having to be afraid of judgement and without actually being judged. I wonder when we as humans will grow to that level of intellect and understanding.

Wouldn’t just saying it make it all easier?



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