Words aren’t enough to let someone know how you feel about them yet tears somehow are convincing. It’s not that I don’t believe you when you tell me you love me, but it’s when I see you cry that I can actually feel the way you feel. Why are tears more convincing than words? Why do I need to breakdown to let someone know that something matters to me, why do you need to breakdown for me to understand what is going on in your heart? Tears speak louder than words.


2 thoughts on “TEARS

  1. msarora says:

    You are right, at times tears speak louder than words but at the same time it may affect the relationship adversely too. People want to see happy faces. Nobody wants to be with sad ones. This is my personal experience

    • Aroma says:

      Agreed. Tears make you feel the intensity of what’s happening. Obviously both people in the relationship should be happy but once in a while we need these intense moments to get us closer together.

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