I could hear her scream through the TV and it made me cringe. She was just acting, doing her job but her character is one that we’ve all experienced. I don’t think there is any girl out there that has been spared from lurking eyes, from being looked at like a piece of meat and from being touched by people without consent. Where did we as a species go so wrong that it’s now impossible for half the population to feel safe among their own friends and families in their own homes? What did I as a little girl do wrong to deserve this? This consequence is a result of what action of mine?
I hate that a screech from the TV can make me feel all of this and more. I hate that I don’t have the freedom to do what I want because people out there are cruel. I hate that I have to face the consequences of someone else’s action.
There is no fault of mine in this but yet everyday I fight, I struggle and it’s a battle for me. Yet everyday, I face the brunt and I challenge everyone and everything that comes my way. Why? Cause the world is a fucked up place and sadly I am a part of it.
I only hope that nobody has to deal with this, ever. It changes you.


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