Just because I had one drink

Just because I had one drink, I was “drunk”. Just because I had one drink, I couldn’t see or understand what was happening around me. Just because I was “drunk”, I was suddenly an object. This is the mentality of educated guys, this is the mentality of my own college mates. I was disgusted to see that if these are the kind of guys who objectify women in this way, then what more can we expect from the uneducated crowd of the country. They are looking for excuses to touch you and hold you and then assume that because you are supposedly “drunk” it’s all okay, and you don’t realize what’s happening. I wish they would realize that we are human beings with actual feelings. I wish they would realize that the same could happen to their mother or sister. Why is it that the women need to be the weaker sex in the eyes of both the genders? It’s time for the girls to do something. It’s time for us to stand up against anyone and everyone who makes us uncomfortable. One drink doesn’t change who I am or how I am supposed to be treated.